Success After Graduation


Are your Students nervous about

life after graduation?

During this interactive workshop, students and parents will discuss the future visions for their student's plans after graduation - whether or not the student plans on attending college.

Not only will attendees learn personal finance and time management skills, but they will participate in hands on activities to help discover and plan a fulfilling future.

At the end of this workshop students will have a plan for an area they want to focus on in order to create a lifestyle they will love after graduation.

Interested in bringing this to your school?  


Of students go to college after high school. 

Students need to realize there are many options that do not include college as their final destination.


Of students feel positively about their college and career readiness. 

Many students know they want to go to college, but don't feel they are prepared.


Of students have gotten counseling or help with preparing for future career readiness.


Students need more help when it comes to focusing on their future.

Whats included
  • A LIVE interactive workshop hosted by best-selling author Jon Clark

  • Personalized workbook to help you plan your future

  • Copy of Jon's bestselling book Student Success Principles

  • A 6 month plan on what to do in order to create a lifestyle of success and fulfillment

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The Method

Jon will be using the XChange method to create an all inclusive environment for the workshop.

The XChange method has been used in large companies such as Facebook, BMW and TedX, to help groups and individuals design their future.

Jon Clark is a youth motivational speaker, student success coach and bestselling author of Student Success Principles: Increase Confidence, Lower Debt, and Find a Career You Love. 
In his book, he lays out principles learned over the last ten years of his life that have greatly helped him achieve success in many areas of his life.  Personal finance, time management, goal setting, and interview skills are just some of the principles covered to help students achieve the results they want after graduation.
His mission is to help students prepare for a successful life after graduation.  Too many students graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in debt, but don't know how to take what they learned through books in school and start building a life they enjoy.
By helping students focus on more than just tests and good grades, Jon helps students build confidence and a plan for what they want their life to be.  Getting through graduation is hard, life after graduation shouldn't be.  Whether or not a student is attending college after high school, they should have a plan of action, (with other backup plans), to start their next chapter on the right foot.

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