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What Are Your Goals for the New Year?

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Every year as the year comes to an end we always seem to reflect on the past year as well as look into the next. Many times, when we look back we aren't happy about the previous year. There are too many memes and posts on Facebook talking about how the past year beat us up, and how we hope that next year will be better. The thing is, this seems to be the same year after year after year. Why is it always like that?

For one, when we reflect on the previous year, we don't really remember the small wins along the way. We only focus on the bad. There is no way, that out of 365 days, that over 300 of them were bad. Another, is when we start planning for the next year, we do not come up with large, fun goals or "new year resolutions". We create some quick goal we don't even really care about. After two to three weeks into the new year, we have already failed at our new year resolution and start slipping into disappointment with ourselves. Does this sound familiar?

I want you to rethink your goals. I do not want you to make small incremental goals that you are not even passionate about. If you think that the change of the calendar can take you from sitting on the couch, to spending five days a week in the gym, you are going to be thoroughly disappointed. If you don't go to the gym now, what makes you think you will fall in love with it and want to go five days a week, all within the matter of a week or two? Also the bigger question is WHY do you want to go to the gym more? Is it because you want to get healthy? Society makes you feel like you should be there? If you don't have a true why or passion behind your goal, its going to be harder to accomplish

Your goal might not be going to the gym more, but could be dropping a bad habit or maybe even adding a new good habit. Whatever it is, trying to change one small part of your daily routine, "just because", isn't going to work. This is why you need to plan to go into the new year with a whole body fulfilling goal. Going to the gym might make you healthier, but what if you do not really enjoy it? What I think you would enjoy, is imagining yourself reaching your full potential. What would next year look like if you fully re-invented yourself and became the best that you could be?

When you come up with a large body encompassing goal, the smaller tasks just become stepping stones along the way. When you wake up every morning with the goal of being your best self, the gym is just one small thing in your day that will add to your large transformation. If the gym doesn't feel right that day, you can still work on something else that will move you closer to your large goal. It also makes it easier to do some of the harder tasks. If you are trying to drop a bad habit just because its healthy, or you feel that you should, there isn't much passion there. If you know, by dropping this bad habit, you are moving closer to becoming the best version of yourself, now you have some passion behind that daunting task.

Visualize who you want to become in the next year and write two to three things you can switch in and out each and every day that will move you closer to your goal. And guess what? Some days you are going to miss. Some days you're not going to want to do anything. That is okay. You have plenty of other days of the year to get you closer to your transformation. Don't look at the small bumps as huge failures that will knock you off track. Look at them as a small bump in the road. Step over it and move on.

What are your big goals for the new year?

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