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How Are You Spending Your Mornings?

Do you have any personal time, or do you have it planned down to a science exactly how many minutes it takes to get from your bed to out the door?

When you wake up, are you looking ahead at what your day holds or, do you just start your day and hope for the best and let your day control you?

Is your morning slow and painful, or relaxing and energetic?

How many times are you hitting the snooze button?

What is going through your head as you lay down at night? “I don’t want to wake up tomorrow”, or “I am ready for a great day tomorrow!”?

If most of your answers are on the negative side, the great thing is YOU have the power to change that. The way we wake up in the morning is based on how we prepare the night before.

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Don’t believe me? Think about the night before Christmas, or the night before vacation. You are excited about the next day. You may wake up several times throughout the night counting down until the next morning. When the alarm clock goes off the next morning, there is no snooze button, you shoot out of bed ready to take on the day.

You may have heard the phrase “waking up on the wrong side of the bed”. I translate this to you had a bad morning experience and didn’t set yourself up for success.

Successful celebrities and CEOs around the world swear by their morning routine. They give themselves an extra thirty to sixty minutes every morning to wake up and enjoy their morning while planning out the day. They may do some yoga, exercise or even just practice a gratitude practice. If successful people swear by it, why not try to replicate the same thing?

I wake up every morning at 4:45, about forty minutes earlier than what I actually need to. No snooze button needed. Yes, some mornings take me a little longer to get moving, but I give myself time. I’ll either practice 15 minutes of yoga, or at the very least stretch. Some morning I run the bridge, which is one of my favorite ways to wake up.

If you hate mornings, try thinking as you fall asleep at night that you are going to have a great night’s sleep, and the next day is going to be a great day. Don’t sit there and calculate the number of minutes until your alarm goes off.

What is something small that you could change, to make your morning experience a little bit better?

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