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Don't Let a Small Bump Ruin Your Day

This morning I woke up early, drove my 20 miles to Mt. Pleasant to run the Ravenel bridge. Right after I went to work where I would normally take a shower in the locker room and start work right after. Today as I pulled into the office, I realized I forgot one important thing – MY LAPTOP FOR WORK.

After having such a great run, this wasn’t exactly a great way to start my morning. As I proceed to drive home to get my laptop, I hear on the radio there was major traffic backed up from a wreck early in the morning.

In the past I could have really gotten upset about this. I would be super grumpy with the fact I had to drive all the way home just to get my laptop. I would be angry at the fact that traffic was backed up. Then I thought, “What is the point?”

I can’t change the traffic. It was my fault I forgot the laptop. Things happen. I had a great morning, I have over 12 hours left in my day. Why should I spend the next few hours wasting negative energy on something that is already done and gone?

It is easy to let a small event create a downward spiral and ruin your day. But what is the point? If something doesn’t go the way you planned, be angry for a few minutes, accept it and move on. No one gets any benefit out of you giving your focus to something negative.

Focus on how awesome the rest of your day can be. Point your energy to the positives in the day not the negatives, and you can turn that small event into a great day. Think of it as, the day can only get better from here.

What is something in the past that you let ruin your day?

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